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We offer block rates for those working on projects and ideally those are the clients we are looking for artists/corporation who wish to work on projects exclusively with Railroad Tracks Music.


$75 per hour 

Railroad Tracks Music is not just a place where you record music, but we are a creative hub of resources, which we provide our customers with an overall experience. We take pride in working with our clients and helping them shape the sound of their brand by composing original tailor made content. Each and every project is unique within itself so we provide every best available option to satisfy our customers’ needs. 


$75 per hour

Railroad Tracks intends to speak the language in which our customer is trying to communicate musically. Being actively involved in the music industry and staying up to date with all of the current trends and constant changing paradigm based in the entertainment world. By providing an original composition tailored to our customers’ needs and providing knowledgeable insight towards reaching their immediate goals, Railroad Tracks main objective is to fulfill the customers’ needs.


$100 per song

The Railroad Tracks  Music experience is ongoing because what is revealed is the process of how to properly incorporate music compositions and sound design into our customers’ brand. They benefit because we give them a firm understanding and foundation behind the logic of producing, sound selection and the aesthetics of reaching their target market through music. 


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Railroad Tracks Music specializes in music production and sound design, so crafting the perfect soundtrack to compliment the brand of the client is something we take pride in. Preferably using live instruments instead of prerecorded sampled software instruments. Our unique combination of blending vintage and analog sound with today’s synthesis and digital world is quite a mesh up to be heard.

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