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About Us

Railroad Tracks Music is a full service recording studio, which specializes in recording, music production and sound design. Our services include recording, mixing, mastering, music production and sound design. 


Railroad Tracks Music specializes in music production and sound design, so crafting the perfect soundtrack to compliment the brand of the client is something we take pride in. Preferably using live instruments instead of prerecorded sampled software instruments. Our unique combination of blending vintage and analog sound with today’s synthesis and digital world is quite a mesh up to be heard.


Railroad Tracks intends to speak the language in which our customer is trying to communicate musically. When you think of great music, think of Railroad Tracks Music. Where your project is our project!!!


Railroad Tracks Music was established in Fall of 2007, by owner and President, Wesley Rodgers. Railroad Tracks Music Incorporated was started as an answer to the response of monetizing the productions we created and a way to generate revenue from providing those various services such as recording and music production. 

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